Hi There.


A chance visit to my Aunt’s place in 6th grade, seeing her iPhone (1st generation), sparked my obsession with tech. Since then I’ve used no other phone but iPhones, starting with the iPhone 3GS, until the iPhone XS I have now.

I am not a genius who grew up designing software but I always knew I loved great tech products and kept up with the latest trend. My initial focus in college was software engineering since that’s what all my friends were doing. However, reflecting back on my childhood obsession with the iPhone and Steve Jobs, I made a late switch to UX Design. It’s been really challenging but I can’t imagine myself doing otherwise.

I’m currently a Senior in the University of Washington majoring in Informatics focusing on Human-Computer Interaction. Besides my newfound passion for UX design, I enjoy playing music (guitar), watching anime, reading books, eating good food and hanging out with my friends.

Here are some additional facts about myself:

Favorite App: Instagram

Favorite Book: Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

Favorite Artist: Polyphia

Favorite Anime: Sword Art Online

Favorite Food: Miso Ramen